Smart Citizen is a project by Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute For Advanced Architecture Of Catalonia.

The Smart Citizen project has joined forces with several research institutions in Europe to create MINKE, a project that aims to create accessible research infrastructure in marine environments.

Patí Científic Workshop

More about funding

MINKE project, and has received funding under European Community’s H2020 Programme with Grant Agreement No. 101008724.

Smart Citizen, as part of MINKE, will make low cost sensors more accessible by offering them as part of an European public research infrastructure, which includes a wide range of high end metrological insfrastructures, which can be complemented by using low cost sensors to increase spatial and temporal resolution. This will help communities to better understand their environment, and scientific institutions to have more data. To achieve this, during the project we will be offering access to our sensors through a series of Open Calls, with the idea that, in a not-too-far-away future, these sensors will be part of an open infrastructure for anyone to apply to for environmental sensing.


Drop us an email at info@smartcitizen.me to collaborate or learn more!