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Welcome to the MINKE project sensor documentation! In MINKE we want to create more accessible sensors so that communities can better understand their environment. Learn how to access them in the about section, check out the sensors we offer or get started with our guides.

Patí Científic Workshop

MINKE Webinars

Working on it

These webinars are currently ongoing!

View the edited video capsules!

You can view the edited capsules here!

Upfront with our funding

This documentation is part of the MINKE project, and has received funding under European Community’s H2020 Programme with Grant Agreement No. 101008724. Learn more about Smart Citizen funding in our funding section

Open Source and Open Access

We're against black boxes! The entire hardware and software project is released under open source licenses:

We want everyone to be able to have access to science. All the data we generate is open access and is available in our data platform, and will be periodically posted to Zenodo. Learn more in the data section.


Check out our guides and step-by-step tutorials to help you get started with the sensors: